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Beijing POWSYS control Co., Ltd. is a leading solar energy wind power generation system and uninterrupted power supplier. The company is mainly engaged in solar power controller, wind power controller, solar inverter such as wind and solar power systems and uninterruptible power supply systems, integration of AC-DC power supply, battery and matched with the bypass power supply system of R & D, production, sales and distribution services, to provide the overall hybrid energy management system integration engineering contracting services and new energy system solution.

For the high-tech products purpose, maintain high investment in research and development, the field of automatic control technology advantage, and relying on this advantage to actively develop new markets and promote new products, widely involved in intelligent power, hybrid energy charging system, intelligent monitoring and management applications, has become a cross field based on the new technology, and provide solutions for manufacturers and service providers to the user. The company successfully entered the list of suppliers, such as China Mobile and other large customers, is now the mainstream supplier of domestic finance, telecommunications, manufacturing and other sectors of the government and various departments.Sales and maintenance branch offices are throughout the China area, with offices in Shenyang, Xi'an, Shanghai, Guangzhou


A pure photovoltaic power generation control system: pure solar power supply high reliability, less maintenance. The system cost is moderate,  long service life. There will be less than 72 hours in the absence of full sunlight. Large communication base station, which is mainly used in the area with abundant light resources.
Two wind and solar hybrid power generation control system: the system can provide continuous load of 72 hours of electricity consumption, and in the winter for the next three days to make up the battery energy consumption. Due to poor wind energy resources, in order to ensure the reliability of the system power supply, the general use of 37 to configure the proportion of scenery. Where wind energy resources are good, wind power can be appropriately increased.
Three electric hybrid power control system: the system can continuously work load in the daytime, the use of photovoltaic power generation, the night without light, the use of electricity to work. In the case of instability.

Our products can adapt to a variety of harsh environment, and has a high efficiency, high reliability and reputation in various fields, therefore, has become a symbol of reliability and security.The longest journey begins with the first step, our efforts and struggle will be endless, each from the success will be regarded as a new starting point, we will continue to keep the leading position in technology and quality, to fulfill the "customer first, service first" purpose, high quality service to users let us hand in hand, create brilliant future!


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