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After sale engineer
1, the implementation of customer service products and pre-sales technical services, collect and feedback product quality information;
2. Responsible for the installation, commissioning, technical training, maintenance and upgrading of the products sold by the company;
3, cooperate with the business staff to do the customer rate information and other information collection, feedback;
4, do a good job of maintenance records, information feedback form, and after-sales service reports, travel expenses and monthly / annual summary of the work and other information collection, reporting and timely delivery, and responsible for its correctness;
5, take good care of the drawings, tools, instruments, materials and prototype;
6, do a good job in the company's customer service policies and documents of information transmission.
Job requirements:
1, college degree or above;
2, more than one year experience in after-sales service;
3, enthusiastic and responsible, proactive, careful, strong sense of responsibility;
4, electronic, electrical, automation, mechanical and electrical related professional;
5, UPS product use, maintenance and related experience;
6, understand the power engineering and weak current control principle is preferred;
7, good team spirit and communication skills.
8, can adapt to short-term business trip.
Note: the work location is in Beijing city of Changping District Xiaotangshan Industrial Park, such as those who feel that please don't waste the time.

1, responsible for the company's sales contract and the preparation of the tender, other marketing document management, classification, sorting, filing and storage;
2, responsible for collecting, sorting out and summarizing customer data, customer groups for a thorough analysis of the sales staff concerned about the change of mind, timely communication;
3, supervise the implementation of the plan, timely feedback to Sales Department manager;
4, coordination of internal departments and other departments of the implementation of the work;
5. Complete other tasks assigned by Department manager.
Job requirements:
1, with good computer knowledge, proficiency in the use of various types of Office application software;
2. Good communication and coordination skills;
3, college degree or above, more than 2 years work experience.

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