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DC communication system

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  • Rectifier module uses active power factor compensation technology, power factor value of 0.99.

  • Output 42~58Vdc.

  • AC input voltage normal operating range from 85 to 300V.

  • Rectifier module uses full bridge soft switching technology, the efficiency of up to 95%.

  • Perfect battery management. There are loads of electric and battery low voltage protection (LVLD+LVBD) and two times power function, can realize temperature compensation, automatic floating control, automatic pressure regulation, battery capacity calculation, online battery test function.

  • Rectifier module using lossless thermal plug, plug and play, the replacement time is less than 1min.

  • Network design, providing a variety of communication interfaces (such as: RS485, dry contacts), flexible networking, can be limited to local and remote monitoring, unattended.

  • Perfect AC and DC side lightning protection design, suitable for multi thunderstorm area.

  • Complete fault protection, fault alarm function.

  • Full front operation and maintenance, can be installed on the wall, effectively saving space.

  • Ultra low radiation. The use of advanced electromagnetic compatibility design, rectifier module can meet the "limits and measurement methods of electromagnetic compatibility for telecommunication power supply equipment Limited (" People's Republic of China communications industry standard YD/T983) requirements for conducted and radiated interference.

  • Safe and reliable. System design in full compliance with safety standards EN60950 and GB4943.

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