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Wind solar power generation

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1. System Overview
PS4800M-19U (SD) is a photoelectric complementary controller of wind and solar power generation system is one of the products development Beijing powsys Control Technology Co. Ltd. a rectifier module, photovoltaic module, monitoring module, distribution frame (or cabinet) composed of communication power supply system, realize the coordinated utilization of solar energy and electricity, can set the input power to achieve priority. The man-machine interactive operation, system status monitoring, data upload, intelligent battery management module and automatic energy saving management. PS4800M monitoring module provides a variety of communication interfaces, such as RS232/RS485, network port, dry contacts, flexible networking, remote monitoring.

2. System function
2.1 Display and setting function
The monitoring module uses a 128 x 128 liquid crystal display unit, three lights and four function keys, interface / English selection (can display 8 x 8 Chinese characters), the user interface is simple and effective, can display the operating parameters, the power system running state and alarm state, set parameters, system configuration and data control parameters.

2.2 Control function
The monitoring module according to the system operation state of the monitored object send corresponding commands, including control module, solar wind module / float / conversion shutdown control and battery change; solar module, wind power module limiting point adjustment; solar module, rectifier voltage; electric load and battery protection; Monitoring module supports automatic and manual two system control mode. In the automatic mode, can automatically complete all functions of battery management; in manual mode, the battery charging time can only achieve the protection and capacity calculation of the two functions, the remaining battery management functions need to be done manually. Automatic and manual control of the switch can be completed through the key settings, but must be tested by the password.

2.3 Four remote functions
Telemetry function, that is, the background can be obtained through the monitoring module of the real-time simulation system; Remote function, that is, the background can be obtained through the monitoring module of the system's real-time switch; The remote control function, which can be monitored by the host control module, solar power rectifier module on / off, charge transfer; Remote control function, that is, the background host can adjust the output voltage and current limit of the rectifier module through the monitoring module.

2.4 Alarm and recording function
According to the data collected by the monitoring module, the system can be used for sound and light alarm, and the corresponding action can be generated. Alarm alarm, general alarm for serious and alarm three levels, the user can set the alarm level according to the actual situation, and set the corresponding relay for each alarm type transmission (1-8), can also be set to no relay output. The user can access to historical records and current alarm records, historical records including alarm alarm type name, occurrence time, end time, the current record is only alarm type and time of occurrence, the display order according to the order of the time to show. History alarm records save up to 200 items in a cyclic storage mode.

2.5 Smart battery management function
The monitoring module has the function of automatic battery management, which can effectively improve the service life of the battery. Automatic floating charge current limiting, intelligent management, temperature compensation, power load, battery protection. Three kinds of discharge testing methods: timing test, rapid test, constant current test

2.6 Intelligent energy management
The monitoring module can realize automatic sleep mode of the module in order to realize energy saving.

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