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New energy intelligent management system (mutual power) solution
First, the current situation and problems faced by new energy base station integration
There is new energy base three operators including solar base station or complementary base station after nearly 10 years of construction, supply manufacturers are not unified, standard equipment working mode difference, life span, uneven performance index. The operator of the tower is facing the following problems:

1.  the tower company operation and maintenance of the 3 base station of mobile, Unicom, the three telecom operators, there are many base stations base station construction of the three operators is adjacent to the power station because of the three operators is discrete, especially new energy base (including the solar wind light complementary base station and base station). Any one of the base station power solar power tower company, has the responsibility to maintain the same place any base station off station need to be maintained, will face huge maintenance cost and working pressure.

2. the three operators before the new energy power station configuration requirements and standards are not uniform, some base station base station in order to reduce the maintenance cost and reliable operation of battery module configuration is high, often in a relatively short period of time will make up the battery especially in the summer, enter the current limit state, causing a waste of energy; and some base station cell the component configuration is low, the battery has been in the state power loss, thus causing the energy with the unreasonable state, the battery operation will make the service life of the battery in the state power loss under long-term reduction.

3. in order to maintain the unity of the three operators adjacent to the construction of solar base station, you can use the overall merger. The overall approach is to merge all solar modules, wind power generator, the neighboring base station controller, communication equipment removed or concentrated to one of these base stations, it is necessary to re construction of solar energy, wind turbine foundation construction, re integration, the original battery needs to be dismantled to move in together, because the original three operators of battery life and not a brand, can not use simple parallel batteries still need to purchase new, and handling installation in place. The overall merger approach is time-consuming and costly. This overall merger plan from the construction and cost point of view is not very reasonable.

However, the adjacent construction of new energy base station power supply together, not only can improve the utilization of infrastructure, significantly reducing the number of operating base stations, but also to reduce the frequency and cost of maintenance of base stations. After the integration of the new energy power station will be unified management, intelligent allocation of solar power to electricity, comprehensive statistics and analysis to improve the construction, maintenance, management, billing, improve the operation efficiency of enterprises and economic benefits. This tower company will be an efficient and economical operation and maintenance program. Two new energy base station integration program. The new intelligent energy management system of new energy base for the development of the status quo of our company, it can in the original base station equipment unchanged under the premise of the reasonable distribution of electric energy to achieve optimal allocation of intelligence, new energy base station electricity utilization. The new intelligent energy management system only needs to configure a set of solar power supply intelligent management system of host and two sets of solar power supply intelligent management system from the machine, the new intelligent energy management system does not require the integration of the existing power supply system, the maximum saving construction cost and construction difficulty of integration, greatly reduce the cost of construction and operation, avoid complete integration for the high cost of centralized solar power and huge workload, avoid the low solar power station caused by the fault of the accident, significantly reduce maintenance costs. This is also a response to the national energy-saving emission reduction call.

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